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In 2015, Uplift a Child International had a stall set up in the exhibition hall in San Antonio Convention center during the SDA World Conference which was attended by 100,000 people. During that time, one of the delegate from DR Congo have approached us for help to his country people. We originally said no. But that person was very persistent due to the sad situation. We were very touched with his determination and then sent one of our director from India to visit DR Congo, spend 3 weeks to verify all the information received is correct. Our representative actually visited all the 100 families selected to ensure all are there and gave them the hope and support.

Officially we have registered Uplift a Child Congo in the country and have started our operations from 2016 January with the help of Dechy Chinyabuuma, our country Director in DR Congo. All of our children are currently going to school in Buyakiri village which is 80 kms from Bukavu. We are happy to see them go to School.

2016 Our Public Relations Director’s inaugural Visit

2017 Sam Vonumu,CEO's Visit to DR Congo


It costs only US $155 to $255 maximum to support a child per year

Your contribution would provide the following

  • Pay for full year tuition fee for the child you have selected
  • Provide text books and note books
  • Provide school uniforms
  • Provide shoes and socks
  • Provide school tie and school belt and other necessary items

WE UPDATE the SPONSOR 4 times a year with the child’s progress

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    Uplift a Child International

    8705 Kodiak Drive, Silver Spring,
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    Telephone: +1 240 7237271


  • World Wide Offices

    • India:
    • D/no:2-44-22, Plot No:37, AU Qtrs., Near Task Force Police Station, MVP Coloney, Vishakapatnam- 530017, Andhra Pradesh
    • Congo(DR):
    • 15 Avenue Mbuji-Mavi, Q Keshyero, Goma City, North Kivu
    • Kenya:
    • Box No:14760, Code 00100, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Nepal:
    • Dhobighat - 3 Lalitpur Sub metropolitan City Lalitpur
    • Philippines:
    • Block-1, Lot 18 Progressive 3 Village, Malino 1, Bayanan Bacoor, Cavite # 4102
    • Canada:
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